Torsvåg Lighthouse

First built in 1904 and replaced with the existing lighthouse in 1916. The lighthouse as it stands today has been built in 1922. Lighthouse was the weather measuring station for Meteorologisk institutt in 1933 and has been measuring weather and wind conditions.

Since 2005 the lighouse is automated measuring point of Meteorologisk institutt and is now used by Torsvåg Havfiske.

Lighthouse has a 360° view around and is located on top of the Koya hill close to the harbour.

The House has 2 Floors, space for up to 8 people and is equipped with:


We also offer transportation from / to Tromsø Airport / Torsvåg Sea Fishing. Minimum price to pay for is 4 people.

Food service on order. It is possible to choose between only breakfast, lunch or 3-course dinner or full board. Minimum 8 persons for food service.